Cafes & Restaurants in Batam
Batam Island
Restaurants & Cafes
There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Batam Island.

Batam Center Ferry Terminal for instance has quite a range of cafes and restaurants catering to the Singaporean tastebuds.

The Bakery and nasi padang restaurant are ideal and reasonable priced.
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Sup Buntot
I have been to many parts of Indonesia and never failed to try the local dish called 'Sup Buntot' or Oxtail soup. It comes a few pieces of mouth-watering oxail meat with chunks of potatoes and carrots garnished with spring onions in a light-favored soup.

Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken) is another dish you must try.

Most of the local restaurants has this dish in their menu.

Opt for fish instead of chicken. I prefer the chicken because Batam restaurant does not use frozen meat, only kampong fresh chicken!


There are many seafood stalls along the road which caters for the local. These stalls normally operate in the evening.

It looks tempting but we don't recommend you try. Please stick to hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Tourist however are recommended Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant which is located at Bengkong, a 20 minutes drive from Nagoya City.

Nasi Padang
Indonesian Nasi Padang restaurants served their dishes as many as possible on the table.
Its a common sight to see the waiter handling more than 10 plates without using a tray.
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Just be sure not to placed your spoon on
the dish that you are not having, else the waiter will include in your bill.

Their handwriting is not for anyone to understand.

We just thought Wow! very cheap!
There are plenty!

Just remember when you order
any coffee ask for little sugar
and milk!

The Indonesian tends to prefer
their drink very sweet.

If you have your remaining Rupiah, you may like to stop over and buy back some pastries to snack while in the ferry back to Singapore or hand it to your guide.

Remember 10,000 rupiah is
actually SGD1.00! - unless you are coming back again ... do visit our promotional packages.
If you crave for an A&W float, the fastfood chain can be found at Nagoya Hill Shopping Center.
If you have a company of
more than 10 adults, sign-up
for our private-day tour.

What better way to end
your day after a great
shopping and a body massage. Did we say massage? Seems like one day is not enough eh?
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