When we discuss about property investment, Location is the most important and almost common phrase in real estate literature. Situated to the south of Singapore about 20 KM away with 415-square-KM island, this makes Batam become the most advantages & strategy location among other islands in Indonesia.

Time for your investment.
Batam is a magnet of tourist and businessmen alike. Its colorful culture, delicious yet cheap food, holiday and quite beaches.

Now is a good time to buy property in Batam, Price are still very affordable and there is a wide selection of property options available, from developed plots, farmhouses and village locations, through to villas, townhouses and new apartment developments.

Property Investment.
Buying property in Batam is now more popular than ever, with increasing numbers of people following their dream in purchasing a property, buying property to rent out or moving lock, holiday home, business, investment, stock to the sun. The Singaporean, Japanese, European and others love the pleasant. Healthy climate and in recent years the Batam local authorities have made great efforts to increase the number of foreign investment, tourists and residents. 

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