ATM Transfer Instructions
1.  Insert ATM card

2.  Login to ATM teller

3.  Select 'iBanking, Cashcard & More Services'

4.  Select 'Funds Transfer / Fixed Deposit'

5.  (From which account) Select your account type eg. POSB Savings

6.  (To another account) Select DBS Autosave / Current

7.  Key in Batam Holidays Account number: 012-900991-1

8.  Key in the amount to be transferred

9.  Select 'If correct, press'

10  Select 'To confirm'

11. Remove ATM card

12. Collect your receipt

13. Notify us via on the Date, Time and Reference No. that is printed on the receipt or SMS me the details at 9732-6014.

Using POSB/DBS & other bank ATM tellers for Funds  Transfer

General steps to effect a payment transfer using ATM tellers; steps may differ for different bank tellers:
While at the ATM machine, you may also want to consider applying for your free Internet Banking account, if you holds any POSB or DBS accounts. See Apply for DBS Internet Banking
Note: The sample screens shown below are merely simulated screen and may differ in some way from the actual process.